South Asian Bridal Mehndi.


The SkM Henna bridal design reflects a modern style with the use of negative space. See my Bridal Portfolio or Instagram for examples of my bridal henna style. Choose your desired lengths from each picture below and add the cost together.


The price includes BOTH arms & legs.

For example

  • Arms C + Legs A = $550 total

  • Arms B + Legs B = $500 total

SKM Henna Arms Mehndi Prices
SKM Henna Legs Mehndi Prices

No Travel Fee for mobile service within Airdrie, Calgary & Chestermere

Contact SKM Henna for a travel fee quote for surrounding areas

SkM Henna will work together with the bride to create a design that reflects the bride's taste and style. SkM Henna only uses 100% Natural Ash Kumar Henna powder. The henna paste and cones are handmade prior to each booking and don't contain any chemicals or dyes, which are completely safe for topical use.